The Soul-Winner, Charles Haddon Spurgeon, hard cover

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This volume is issued in accordance with a plan formed by Mr. Spurgeon; indeed, he had already prepared for the press the greater part of the material here published, and the rest of his manuscripts have been inserted after only slight revision. It was his intention to deliver to the students of the Pastors' College a short course of Lectures upon what he termed "that most royal employment" — Soul-Winning, — and having completed the series, he purposed to collect his previous utterances to other audiences upon the same theme, and to publish the whole for the guidance of all who desired to become soul-winners, and with the hope also of inducing many more professing Christians to engage in this truly blessed service for the Saviour.

This explanation will account for the form in which the topic is treated in the present book. The first six chapters contain the College Lectures; then follow four Addresses delivered to Sunday-school teachers, open-air preachers, and friends gathered at Monday evening prayer meetings at the Tabernacle; while the rest of the volume consists of Sermons in which the work of winning souls is earnestly commended to the attention of every believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.

For more than forty years, Mr. Spurgeon was, by his preaching and writing, one of the greatest soul-winners; and by his printed words still continues to be the means of the conversion of many all over the world. It is believed, therefore, that thousands will rejoice to read what he spoke and wrote concerning what he called "the chief business of the Christian minister."

Undoubtedly C. H. Spurgeon is one of the most notable soul-winners, although modestly, he never claimed to be such. None, surely, will contest the view that at least he is competent to advise on the subject.

The chapter headings tell the content of the book very fully:
1. What it is to Win a Soul.
Mainly, it is ''in instructing a man that he may know the truth of God.'' We must ''preach the Gospel to every creature, and to teach them the great truths of revelation.'' The Gospel is good news.
2. Qualifications for Soul-Winning - Godward
A soul-winner must be one of holiness of character. A spiritual life is a high qualification. Humility is becoming to a soul-winner. Faith, of  course is a key qualification. Belief in the power of the message is essential. Earnestness, simplicity of heart, and surrender of self, too.
3. Qualifications for Soul-Winning - Manward: All of the above.
4. Sermons Likely to Win Souls
The sermon must be distinctly aimed at the conversions of the hearer.
It must be of interest to the hearer, and it must be memorable to him.
5. Obstacles to Soul-winning
Indifference, unbelief, carnal security, the love of sin, money-loving, self-righteousness, evil pursuits and company, are many of these.
6. How to Induce Our People to Win Souls
Begin with one or two; create an atmosphere favorable for it.
7. How to Raise the Dead
Remember, all are ''dead in trespasses and sins.'' Your aim must be to be one that God will use to raise the dead. Persevere, pray, teach.
8. How to Win Souls for Christ
You must aim at turning the world upside down, to aim at a miracle. It is the Spirit’s work and we must go forth in His power.
9. The Cost of Being a Soul-winner
You must be prepared to suffer fear, interruption, sorrow, etc.
10. The Soul-winner’s Reward: God’s blessings and heavenly reward.
11. The Soul-winner’s Life and Work
12. Soul-winning Explained
13. Soul-saving Our One Business
14. Instruction in Soul-winning

C. H. Spurgeon (1834-1892) was not only the famed preacher for whom The Metropolitan Tabernacle was built, but he wrote a host of books, published a magazine, was a colporteur, was an expositor, etc.  124 pages, blue linen hard cover

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