The Saint's Everlasting Rest, Thomas Baxter, paperback

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''These venerable worthies [the Puritans] do not give us merely ideas, but ideas colored by the deep affections of their own hearts; they do not merely give us truth, but truth in his historical application to the various struggles, . . . of their lives. This gives a great interest to their lives . . . . And the peace and substantial effects and hope which they describe are not the fictions of fancy, but the positive effects of the knowledge of God on their minds.'' ''In this army Richard Baxter was a standard-bearer. He labored much, as well in preaching as in writing, and with an abundant blessing on both . . . .'' (Thomas Erskine).
This soul-stirring book was written at a time when Baxter thought that he was dying. The thoughts he passes on to following generations have reverberated through the centuries. For this book has been much valued by both small and great, and many times reprinted.
The Saints Everlasting Rest, Heaven, awaits the saints. What does the average saint think of it? Not much, it seems. But anyone reading this book will have this heavenly rest on his or her mind forever after. The burning words of Baxter encompass all about it. He describes it in it’s glory. He shows the preparations due to it. He displays excellencies to be yearned after. He sets down the character of who is bound for it. He notes the misery of those who lose such a Rest. He implores all to search diligently for it; to learn to discern whether they have title to it. He warns that there is duty to seek this Rest. He shows the folly of  seeking rest on earth. ''Every time I decide that I would like to have my Heaven on earth, the Lord pours in the gall,'' he writes.
There are directions of how to lead a heavenly life on earth; what is the right method of meditation on this Rest. He suggests aids to help guard against a treacherous heart. A backward heart must not be allowed to delay contemplations of the saints' Rest. It must be commanded to work at it. Trifling thoughts must be chased away. No wandering thoughts must be allowed to interrupt it. Pray, O Spirit of life, breathe upon your graces in me; take me by the hand, and lift me from the earth that I might see what glory ''You have prepared for those that love You.''
Baxter (1615-1691) was one of the most famous Puritan pastors. He along with 2,000 other ministers were denied state recognition of their status on Black Bartholomew's Day in 1662. He became fugitive number one in the eyes of the state, but being protected by a host of friends, Baxter remained free to preach all over England for 24 years. In Christian literature, he is noted most for his practical Christianity, of which this book is an excellent example. His works totaled 72 volumes, literally millions of words.

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