SGP Firsts

These are some of the Firsts now enjoyed by all serious-minded students of the Scriptures arising from Sovereign Grace Publisher’s ministries:
FIRST (2000 - Present).SGP began reprinting many of the Best Books in Print and Puritan books and sets that other publishers let go out of print due to declining sales using Print-On-Demand technology. This is being done to preserve the very best books which otherwise wouldn’t be available to Christians throughout the world.
FIRST (1997).Revised the Interlinear Greek English New TestamentStrong’s numbering all words of the Greek New Testament and adding the King James Version in a side column.
FIRST (1988-Present). Christian Literature Worldmagazine — The first religious magazine created to produce fully in-depth reviews of Christian books in large numbers (180-200 per year) and the ratings for quality and usefulness of thousands of current titles.
FIRST (1987). Literal Translation of the Holy Bible— The first literal word-for-word literal translation of the Bible, with each word closely observing the grammatical constructions that God used in the original languages. Verbs are translated as verbs, nouns as nouns, adjectives and adverbs also being true to the original. Young’s Literal Translation produced over 100 years ago attempted and largely succeeded in such a translation. However, close examination will show that though it is very good, it departs from the original in many places. It is very common in other English translations to translate verbsas nouns. For instance, “hater” when the word is a verb meaning “to hate.”
FIRST (1987).The First-everlexicon-dictionary containing both the Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek words of the Bible. The Concise Lexicon to the Biblical Languageslists each word alphabetically and numerically, including the Hebrew words. It also includes the proper names. Each entry contains meanings, grammatical information, derivation, places where it appears in the Bible, and much else.


1984 - 1995- Steve Hendrickson contracts withSGP to publish the Interlinar Bible, the Lexicons, Concordance and the Literal Translation. Uses this contract along with acquisition of MacDonald Publishing to begin Hendrickson PublishingandChristian Book Distributors(World’s largest mailorder religious book discounter).

FIRST (1981-1984). The first-ever Strong’s numberingof each Hebrew-Aramaic and Greek word of the Scriptures. Never before have these words been directly attached to each of the words of the original languages in a Bible. All other such numbering had previously been associated with the English words of the King James Version. The Strong’s numbers then were put directly above the original words in The Interlinear Bible with the help of Dr. Maurice Robinson.
FIRST (1977-Present). The Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bibleis a First-everaccomplishment. Never in 2,000 years had an Interlinear Bible showing every Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek word with its literal, lexical meaning directly under each word. The universally used Masoretic Textwas used for the Old Testament, and the Received Text, the most beloved Greek Text, and the only one used exclusively through the last four centuries, was used for the Greek Text. Over 350,000 of this unique study tool are in circulation.
FIRST (1974-1979).SGP was the First-everto Strong’s number the Brown-Driver-Briggs HebrewLexicon(1976) index by MauriceRobinson, Thayer’s Greek English Lexicon(1974), New Englishman’s Greek EnglishConcordance(1976), New Englishman’s HebrewConcordance(1975). This enables any person to take the number in The Interlinear Bible and look into these lexicons and concordances to determine the accuracy of any Bible, whether a person does or does notknow any Hebrew or Greek. Larry Pierceof OnlineBibleused our Lexicons, concordances and InterlinearBible to build the Online Bible. These works are also the works used to create every computer bible in the world. Special thanks to George Jaffrey & Ralph Winters for their help in creating these works.
1974- Assisted General McDonald in foundingMcDonald Publishingto produce many fine works. Later in 1984, McDonald sold company to Hendrickson Publishers(MA).
FIRST (1973 -1988). Classic Bible Dictionarybegan in 1973, published in 1988 with the help of Charlie Craig founder of Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing. This is the first truly fully Biblical Bible Dictionary in one volume produced in the 20thcentury the last one being Fausset’s (c. 1870).
FIRST (1972). Created the first mobile Christian bookstores using 2 tractor-trailers to visit seminaries and campuses nationwide allowing students to purchase textbooks at a discount.
FIRST (1970).The King James II,a continued updating of the Modern King James Version, is produced selling over 250,000 copies.
FIRST (1968).Started Southeastern Religious Book Distributors(one of the first nationalbook distributors in the nation). James Kennard another VP went on to start another Christian Book Distributorship and later founded Bible Research Fellowship.
FIRST (1963-1972). Encyclopedia of Christianity— The first to attempt a truly Biblical, Reformed encyclopedia, including historical and biographical entries. Four volumes (A-G) have been completed,the other four volumes to follow. Only authors agreeing that the Bible is inerrant have been permitted to submit articles.
FIRST (1964-1974).Started Religious Book DiscountHouse, the first national Christian discountmail-order and bookstore chain. Walter Hibbard, our first Vice President went on to createGreat Christian Books(mail-order discounter) (DE & MD); Dave Gordon another VP went on to create Christian Discount BookCenter(mail-order discounter and West Coastbookstore chain) using some of our original bookstores; and many of our former store managers went on to manage stores or became regional managers for other bookstore chains includingFamily Christian Stores.
FIRST (1959-1964).The Children’s King JamesNew Testament(1959), Children’s KingJames Old Testament(1960), Teen-age KingJames Bible, and the Modern King JamesVersion. These were the first updating of theKing James Version Bible to remove Elizabethan English and update to 20th century modern language. Commisioned Peter Palmer and Manning De V. Lee to create the Children’s BibleStory Bookand use these stories in theChildren’s King James New Testament, Old Testament and Bible. First to produce Bibles true to King James that Children and Teen-agers could easily read. Thomas Nelson of Nelson-National desires the rights to the Modern King James Version but also wants complete editorial control over the translation. No agreement reached, so Nelson commissions the New King James Version.
FIRST (1957).I suggested to Iain Murray of Banner of Truth Trust that he follow SGP’s lead and also publish Puritan books in England. He started Banner of Truth Trustwith the Help of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. Herman Baker of Baker Book House and Bob Kregel of Kregel Publications follow by publishing many Puritan titles over the years.
FIRST (1955-Present). The first Publisher to print large numbers of Puritan titles in America in the 20thcentury. Hundreds of thousands have been sold since by various publishers who saw the Puritans could be popular today. Beloved fellow-saints this will demonstrate to you the kind of projects our God has given us to produce. They are large, time-consuming, and very costly projects. Is it any wonder that we prayerfully welcome all the financial support that our God lays on the hearts of those of His lambs Heputs under our care. 
Sovereign Grace Publishers, located in Lafayette, Indiana, was founded in 1955 as a publisher of Puritan books. Jay P. Green Sr. saw the need to put back into print excellent books that had been taken out of print though the years by the mistaken thought that people of today's times would not want books that were written long ago. Mr. Green Sr. has proven that today's readers are delighted with books written by authors who devoted their entire lives to studying God's Word and writing about what they had learned.
Jay P. Green Sr. also founded Christian Literature World in in 1988 as a small Christian magazine. It's purpose is to review Christian Literary Works. He is also the author, translator or editor of the following works:
bullet.gif (965 bytes) Modern King James Version of the Holy Bible which has been and still is read daily on the air by Dr. Van Dyke on Family Radio since 1962. This is a word for word modernization of the King James Version. The Elizabethan English has been updated, the thees and thous have been replaced by you and yours, monetary terms have been changed from the British monetary system to the actual terms used in the Bible, the names of place and locations have been changed to their actual translated meaning, etc.
bullet.gif (965 bytes) Children's King James Version of the Holy Bible later published by Harper & Row & McGraw Hill. This is a children's version of the same Bible above with word definitions that easily understood by pre-teen children. Presently out of print.
bullet.gif (965 bytes) Teen-Age King James Version of the Holy Biblealso later published by Harper & Row and McGraw Hill. This is the Teen-Age version of the Modern King James Version above with definitions that are easier for teens to understand. Presently out of print.
bullet.gif (965 bytes) King James II which was very popular in the 1970's. This was an updated version of the Modern King James Version above. We still get a lot of requests for this Bible. This was replaced with the most recent version of the Modern King James Version.
bullet.gif (965 bytes) The Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible, Four Volume Edition, is the first complete Interlinear Bible. An Interlinear Bible places the English translation of the Hebrew and Greek words directly below those words. Additionally this Interlinear Bible places a Strong's cross reference number above the Hebrew and Greek words which allows you to research the actual original Biblical languages using James Strong's Dictionary and Concordances without any knowledge of Hebrew or Greek. This work is presently being revised and re-typeset and God willing available in 2003. The current edition has a 1985 edition Old Testament and a 2000 edition New Testament.
bullet.gif (965 bytes) The Interlinear Hebrew-Greek-English Bible, One Volume Edition, is a one volume edition of the above Bible, but in smaller print. Over 250,000 ministers, seminarians, laymen and Bible students use this Bible as their primary Biblical languages resource.
bullet.gif (965 bytes) The Literal Translation of the Holy Bible (LITV) is an All English Bible created from the Literal Translation below each of the Hebrew and Greek words from the Interlinear Bibles above. This is by far the most Biblically true and accurate English Bible in print.
bullet.gif (965 bytes) The New and Revised Interlinear Greek-English New Testament is the revised and newly typeset edition of the Four Volume Edition above. Besides improving the literal translations below the Greek text, this revision has number all the Greek words (the previous edition omitted some of the more prepositions and conjunctions) and has added the Authorized King James Version text in a second side column. This allows you to compare how the original King James translators translated the Bible.
bullet.gif (965 bytes) Jay Green, Sr.'s final translation - KJ3 Literal Translation Bibleis an updating of the Literal Translation Bibles and has numerous transltion changes that will appear in the next and final Interlinear Bible series, which God willing will appear over the next few years.
bullet.gif (958 bytes) Plus many others
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