Works of Thomas Goodwin - Volume 11, Thomas Goodwin, hard cover

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This is Volume XI of Goodwin’s Works: The Government of the Churches of Christ.

Book I: Of the right institution of the churches of Christ, that the order and government of those churches are established by divine institution. (1) What is the nature of divine institutions, and how the knowledge of them is conveyed to us; (2) That Christ has settled ordinances for worship and discipline which are to continue to the end of the world; (3) That the power of church censures and excommunication has its institution in a more especial manner from Christ as Head of the church.

Book II: Of the divine institution of the congregational church, that it is not secondary, or consequent upon a charter given by the church universal, as virtually included in it, but is immediate and proper to it. (1) That Christ instituted such a church in Matthew 18, and gave the power of the keys to it; (2) That such congregational churches were primitive and apostolical proven from the instances of the churches planted by the apostles; (3) That the constitution and order of such churches is most fitly suited for the edification of the saints, and most exactly accommodated to their various conditions.

Book III: Particular congregations, having a sufficient number of elders and officers, are completely enabled for all acts of government and excommunication itself, within themselves, as well as to worship.

Book IV: The claims of the Presbyterian government considered, and refuted, (1) That the church universal is not a church political, and the seat of government; (2) That the institution for worship and of government falls not on the saints in a nation, as a nation or kingdom, to be the seat of it.

Book V: The jurisdiction of synods debated; (1) That appeals are not necessary to the government of the churches, and therefore there is no necessity of synods; (2) The power allowed to a synod does not have a prerogative from Christ to excommunicate other churches, and to revoke their sentence of mal-administration.

Book VI: The constitution of a particular congregational church; (1) its rise, institution, and definition of it; (2) That it has a right to be a church, and are not guilty of schism or sinful separation.

Book VII: That the preaching of the Gospel is an ordinance of Christ instituted for the conversion of sinners, and for the edification of the saints. The use and necessity of ministers wholly set apart to preach.

Goodwin (1600-1679) was influential in many ways, a member of the Westminster Assembly, President of Magdalene College, drafter of the Savoy Confession of Faith, and pastor at the most influential Independent church in London.  556 pages, blue hard cover


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