Pilgrim's Progress In Modern English, John Bunyan, Paperback

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The Pilgrim's Progress (in Modern English) brings this stunning classic to today's world by simply substituting a few Elizabethan English words, such as ''methinks,'' ''whereunto,'' etc. The remainder is pure Bunyan. Since this dear classic has been printed hundreds of times, and translated into dozens of languages, it may be concluded that it speaks to the hearts of human beings, whether small or great.

The Pilgrim's Progress is a book for Christians. That is to say, one needs to know both the Bible and human nature to appreciate it.

Why then did it become so popular. It is because John Bunyan was so human himself. He preached what he felt, what he had experienced, and he wrote in the same way.

''He was a man of kindness and compassion, There was no bitterness in Bunyan. How sorry he is for Mr. Badman's wife! And how he makes you sympathize with Christian, and Mr. Ready-to-halt, and Mr. Feeble-mind, and all the other interesting companions of that eventful journey. In his sermons, how piteously he pleads with sinners for their own souls, and how impressive is the undisguised vehemency of his yearning affections! In the same sentence, Bunyan has a word for the man of sense, and another for the man of fancy, and a third for the man of feeling. And by this blending of the intellectual, the imaginative, and the affectionate, he speaks home to the whole man, and has made his works a lesson-book for all mankind'' (Christian Classics, James Hamilton, D.D., Editor, London, 1852)

Hear Bunyan's heart beating in these words: ''There was nothing but Christ that was before my eyes. I was not now for looking upon this and the other benefits of Christ apart, as His blood, burial, or resurrection together, but considering Him as a whole Christ, as He is when all these, and all other of His virtues, relations, offices, and operations met together, and that He sat on the right hand of God in Heaven. It was glorious to me to see His exaltation, and the worth and prevalency of all His benefits; and that because now I could look from myself to Him, and would reckon that all those graces of God that now were green on me, were yet like those cracked groats . . . that rich men carry in their purses, when their gold is in their trunks at home. Oh! I saw my gold was in my trunk at home, in Christ my Lord and Savior. Now Christ was all; all my righteousness, all my sanctification, all my redemption.''

Bunyan  (1628-1688) rose from an humble beginning to being a preacher to a little house church, to 12 years in jail because he would not agree to quit preaching, to a huge church in London. He wrote 66 books, nearly all while in jail.

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