First John 1 & 2, Arthur W. Pink, paperback

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The supposedly very simple book of First John has had a plethora of authors claiming to give a thorough exposition of it. One can number on the fingers of one hand how many have proven to be very useful. One of these is by Pink.
This book contains chapters 1 and 2 in an outstanding exposition. It was not finished because Pink was engaged in expounding it in the last year of his life. He explained that though he had studied it for twenty years, and had read every author of it, he had not thought he was experienced enough to write on this lovely book until "now" (1952). All who are familiar with the writings of this author will know that when he takes up his pen to write there will be rich revelation of the truths which God has pleased to reveal in Holy Scripture.
"That this book is an intensely practical one is evinced in many ways. For example, not once is the word knowledge found in the form of a noun, but always as a verb. The same is true of faith. . . . With John doctrine is not mere dogma, but faith in action. Truth is not merely a theory, but an energy which lives and moves in the new life. There is scarcely any strictly doctrinal teaching, and very few direct exhortations. It is mainly the vital and experimental side of things, and thus it is that the line of demarcation and separation is so sharply and often drawn between genuine [believers] and graceless professors" (Introduction, p. 5).
This is the best book one can use to refer those persons who question whether or not they are truly regenerated. Again and again the Holy Spirit through the apostle John marks out the difference between the mere professor of religion and the true Christian. He leaves no room for doubt to the sincere seeker.
There are no less than 39 short chapters in this book. Some of these are: The Humanity of Christ; The Life Manifested; Fellowship; Fullness of Joy; Light and Darkness; Walking in the Light; Sins Confessed; Sin Provided For (Propitiational); Obediential Assurance; Light and Love; Hatred and Darkness; [Friendship With] The World Prohibited; Apostates; Christian Knowledge; Lies and Liars; Antichrists; Amazing Grace.
If you have never read Pink, you are in for treat. It is not a secret that he is one of the most useful authors being printed today.
This is a Sovereign Grace Classic

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