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Martin (1822-86) was first a university mathematician, but entered the ministry  This is the 19th century Hugh Martin, and he is a fine expositor of this little book of Jonah. But more, the book is very valuable as a devotional. Though the book is small, the exposition is large. Spurgeon wrote of it:
''A first class exposition of Jonah. No one who has it will need any other. It is not a small treatise and contains ... rich matter’ It is not s small treatise, as most of the Jonah books are. What are publishers at to let such a book slip out of the market'' (C. H. Spurgeon, Commenting and Commentaries).
Happily, a dip most anywhere into the book will give a soul-nourishing quote, such as this one:
''It has been customary to deal out very hard measure to Jonah. Nothing can be easier than to denounce his disobedience in fleeing from the presence of the Lord . . . . Alas! How little do such persons understand this singular man of God! . . . Ah, how deeply agitated has this poor prophet, this frightened fugitive been. The sore sense of all being wrong between him and God; - the sad consciousness of being the victim of his own rebellion . . . while in the multitude of these thoughts no ''comforts of the Lord delighted'' or relieved his soul. [all of which] must have worn him out both in body and in mind, till at last, [he] laid down his weary head . . . now exhausted [being locked] fast in sleep. . . . .discrimination is needed, and charity, in judging one another among ourselves.  Sorrow, not insensibility shall account to a gracious Lord for His disciples sleeping at Gethsemane’s gate (''He found them sleeping from sorrow:'' - Luke 22:45). ''May He not graciously accept the same explanation of Jonah’s deep sleep, while tempest and terror reigned around?'' (P. 91, 92).

''I know that for my sake this great tempest is upon you. . . Take me up and cast me into the sea'' (vs. 12). In small compass, how complete is Jonah’s
reply! It meets the case; it meets all the case. Yet it has all the brevity of a sentence of judgment delivered from the bench.'' (P. 177)

All will enjoy and learn from this gracious writer’s applications of hundreds of Scriptures to Jonah’s experience. Jonah’s gourd will be something different for the reader to contemplate hereafter.

''By one of the outstanding ministers in the galaxy in the middle of the nineteenth century'' (Cyril J. Barber, The Minister’s Library)

‘All his writings exhibit an unexcelled warmth and fervor. No one could scale higher heights of sanctified eloquence. In The Prophet Jonah he manifests the superb qualities which all his writings exemplify’ (Prof. John Murray).

It is the best you will find on Jonah, and the fullest.

Hugh Martin was born on August 11, 1821. He studied theology at Marischal College and King's College before being ordained into the ministry at the age of 23. He also graduated with a mathematics degree. Hugh was considered one of the foremost and original mathematicians that Scotland had produced.

Hugh decided to leave the Established Church and join with the Free Church of Scotland in 1842. In 1843, he was licensed to preach. In 1844, Hugh became the minister at the Free Church at Panbride. In 1858, he moved to the Greyfriars Free Church in Edinburgh where he stayed until he retired from the ministry.

After Hugh retired from the ministry in 1863 due to poor health, he contributed to The Watchword and the British and Foreign Evangelical Review. Hugh died in 1885 at the age of 64 years while living in Greenhill Cottage, Lasswade. 176 pages, blue linen hard cover

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