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This is Volume IX of Goodwin’s Works: A Discourse of Election

Book I: The necessity of an election if any of the rational creatures are to be certainly saved. That God has made an election of certain ones out of pure grace is proven by the event, out of the scriptural accounts throughout the Old and New Testaments. When God had delivered the doctrine of God’s decrees about mankind as seen in Romans 9:11-23, He then proceeds to the execution of it on those whom He had elected, to prepare them for that glory which was ordained to them by decree. Both Jews and the nations are included.

Book II: Of the order of God’s decrees about man’s election and his reprobation. Of the end to which we are ordained, a supernatural union with God, and with a communication of Himself. In this is discovered the infinity of God’s grace.
As for the ends designed, (1) This election is intended for God’s glory; (2) it was intended to bring God’s elect into the fullness of the glory which will be settled upon them (''And the glory which You have given to Me, I have given to them,'' – John 17:22) After these decrees were made, all the happenings to mankind tend to these two ends.

Book III: The infinity of grace in God’s choosing us proven from the nature of election, both simply considered in itself, and also when compared with that other act of reprobation. The greatness of election is demonstrated by the greatness conveyed by it. Who did it? God, than whom there is no greater. Who was elected? ''Not many wise . .  The foolish things . . . the weak things . . . the base things which are despised, [these] God has chosen; yea, and things which are not, to bring to naught things that are; that no flesh should glory in His presence'' (1 Cor. 1:26-27).

Book IV:  By all this the greatness of election is more fully cleared and proven, by the mighty and powerful grace which God dispenses to His elect, in effectually calling them, in preserving them from temptations and sin, in strengthening and enabling them to persevere to the end, and in bring them at last securely to an eternal glory.

Book V: Election, in the ordinary course of it runs in a line of succession from believing parents to their posterity. The covenant of grace is entailed on the children of believers. What judgment we are to have of them.

Goodwin ''represents the cream of Puritanism, capturing the intellect, the will, and the heart of his readers'' (Joel Beeke)

Goodwin (1600-1679) was influential in many ways, a member of the Westminster Assembly, President of Magdalene College, drafter of the Savoy Confession of Faith, and pastor at the most influential Independent church in London.  524 pages, blue hard cover


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