Animals and Birds of the Bible, Burton Goddard, paperback

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Animals and Birds occupy a prominent place in the Bible accounts.

Nevertheless, it is rare to find a study of this important study from both a Biblical and a scientific standpoint. Both animals and birds appear in historical references, in mentions of nature, in the sacrifices, in their use as foods, in their use as labor, as transport, and of war.
Both animals and birds are mentioned in prophetic passages also.

Animal products are frequently a part of the Biblical story as well.

The Lord Jesus often used both animals and birds in His teachings. For instance, that He might convey the idea that possible privations awaited any who would follow Him, Jesus used foxes to compare with His own lack. Many other analogies are used by our Lord, such as between being fishers of fish and fishers of men; such as His mention of a snake and a scorpion in Luke 11:11, 12 in relation to prayer.
There are also frequent metaphorical uses of animals and birds.

In this study Dr. Burton Goddard gives both ZOOLOGICAL and ORNITHOLOGICAL CLASSIFICATIONS of all the animals and birds mentioned in the Bible. However, this study is not limited to the scientific identifications, but an alphabetical listing by English names is also given. Under each English name appears the original Hebrew word for the animal or bird. This results in the surprising discovery to readers that there are many Hebrew words employed by the Biblical writers for the same English word. For instance, seventeen Hebrew words are used for goat.

Also included are additional discussions regarding the description of, and use of such animals and birds, how and where they appear in the Bible, and many other useful bits of knowledge.

This compact, but very thorough study is taken from the article in The Encyclopedia of Christianity, Volumes I and II (1964, 1968), and is presented here to give this excellent information a wider audience.

Burton L. Goddard is the much-degreed librarian at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, MA. He has been librarian for over forty years, and a principal in the administration of the seminary as well. 64 pages

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